My Social Style by photographer Brenda Landrum from Fort Collins Colorado.

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My Social Style by photographer Brenda Landrum of Fort Collins, Colorado.


+ - Where can I use these images?
Images that you purchase can be used on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even your blog!  You can use them to keep your social media feeds updated and your online presence consistent.  You can also create marketing graphics for sales, special offers, and use in your newsletters.  Where ever you need to have fresh images online!
+ - Is it ok to use stock photos for my business?
Of course, it is!  Using stock photos frees up your time to do what is most important in your business.  It allows you to create content to keep your social media feeds updated when otherwise you may not have time to gather props, get everything set up, take the photo, edit the photo, resize for online, and then come up with what you are going to say.  It simply gives you time, and that is something we all need!
+ - How often will new images be added?
New images will be added monthly!  I like to keep image options fresh and also offer images that go along with the changing seasons.  I live in Colorado where we experience all four seasons from hot summer days, changing fall colors, white winter snow, and new spring growth.  I not only want to offer classic, styled images but also nature in all her glory.  By offering a wider range of images, styled studio shots to outdoor, gives you more options and can fit better into your brand.
+ - Do I need to give photo credit?
I would love to see how you use My Social Style images and for you to help out our little shop by using the #mysocialstyle hashtag but you are not required to give photo credit.
You may use the image as many times as you need to but may not transfer or sell them in any form to any third party. Brenda Landrum Photographer retains the original copyright, but you do not need to give credit when using them.
+ - What if I do not see what I need? Do you do custom work for businesses?
Yes!  I love working with small businesses who need custom images.  I have worked with amazing small businesses to provide them with custom imagery.  I would love to chat with you more about your needs!  Please email me at:
My Social Style

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I am so excited that you are here!!
I hope that by using My Social Style images that you are able to get precious time back.  I am a working Mom who juggles many things and the one thing that I find taking up most of my time is social media.  As business owners who are trying to spread our reach, it’s important for us to keep our social media feeds updated consistently but man is it hard to keep up with finding content.  After doing some research, I found that most stock photography options are very limited so I decided to provide a wider range of images, from styled to outdoor and with different interests, that fits easily with most brands.  I hope you like what you see!
After you have browsed around if you have any questions about anything, please contact me.  I would love to answer any questions that you may have about My Social Style.

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