My first Fab Fit Fun Editor's Box and my thoughts about the products inside.

FabFitFun Experience

Mom’s, have you tried FabFitFun?  I had been seeing people talking about these boxes filled with goodies all over Instagram and after seeing what was in the Editors Box this winter I decided to give it a try.  As a FabFitFun Member, you get a box of fabulous finds in beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness, hand-picked by the FabFitFun team, delivered once per season. Four times a year, you will be sent a seasonal box that contains $200+ in retail value.  It is so much fun to receive a box filled with new items to try, items that I would probably never find on my own.  I most definitely get into a rut with the products that I buy.  Anyone else?

My box came really quickly after I placed my order and seeing that bright pink box got everyone’s attention in my house.  Especially my 12 year old daughter!

My first Fab Fit Fun Editor's Box and my thoughts about the products inside.

The box came with 8 different products from a poncho wrap and earrings to body wash and eyeshadows.  I really like how it came with a variety of products so it wasn’t just makeup or just body care.  Like the Muscle Soak and African Botanics Revitalizing Therapy Gel, these are both muscle related which I thought were great items to include.

My first Fab Fit Fun Editor's Box and my thoughts about the products inside. My first Fab Fit Fun Editor's Box and my thoughts about the products inside.

I have loved the Whish Nourishing Dew Mask as it’s so dry in Colorado in the winter and the eyeshadows are really pretty neutrals.  The earrings might be a bit long for me but they are really pretty on, I might alter them a little bit.  I haven’t used the sponge yet but I took it out of the packaging and it is making my bathroom smell amazing.  The other products I haven’t used yet but I love that I have them.

How fun would it be to get a FabFitFun box right before your family session with new products to use for your photos?!  New eyeshadows, new earrings, plus items to prep your skin.  Then use the Muscle Soak to relax after a successful session!

My first Fab Fit Fun Editor's Box and my thoughts about the products inside. My first Fab Fit Fun Editor's Box and my thoughts about the products inside.



A winter professional portrait, business headshot, Fort Collins Colorado by photographer Brenda Landrum.

A Winter Professional Portrait

I am so excited to finally get to introduce a woman that has been in and out of my life for many years!  I only mention ‘out’ of my life for the years that I didn’t have contact with her for just simple life reasons.  I met her as a teenager and we have had contact as my life has changed.

Alisa Rindels is a very successful business woman who has owned her own business for many years.  I have learned from her in different stages of my life but over the last year I have learned a great deal from her as her Virtual Assistant.  You may have seen me mention here and there that I am a Virtual Assistant and Alisa is who I work for!  I have enjoyed getting to learn so much from her and being a support in her business.

Alisa needed to update her professional portrait for new marketing materials and her online presence so she set up a headshot photoshoot last week.  A lot of people think that winter can be a hard time to do outdoor portraits and it definitely can be but there are some great benefits to it also.  The sun is much softer during the winter as it never gets directly overhead to cast harsh shadows.  We did Alisa’s shoot at 1:30pm which I would NEVER do at any other time of the year.  Also with the snow on the ground we had a natural light reflector so the light on her is just gorgeous.  And you can still find green in the winter from a grouping of beautiful pine trees!!

So don’t rule out winter for portraits!!

Photographer Brenda Landrum's Deconstruction Project, October's Floral Image

The 2017 Deconstruction Project

This project was a lot of fun to do!  It all came about after my husband gifted me with a monthly subscription to receive a floral bouquet from a local flower shop, Palmer Flowers.  I have always loved photographing flowers and I wanted to get the most out of these bouquets each month so I created this project.

I of course wanted to photograph the bouquet and individual flowers but I also wanted to do something different.  I came up with the idea to ‘deconstruct‘ the bouquet and photograph the stems laying flat and lined up.  The hardest part of this was taking the bouquet apart when they looked so pretty!  I knew I wouldn’t be able to put it back the way it was so I typically waited until the very last moment.

I was able to do 6 months worth of images in 2017 and I really love how they look!

All of these images are in the Print Shop ready to be made into prints for your home or as gifts!!

Photographer Brenda Landrum 2017 Deconstruction Project where a monthly floral bouquet was deconstructed and photographed