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Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.
Brene Brown

Ways I'm Creative

I can’t help but be creative throughout my everyday.  I love photography because it allows me to capture a scene or object and inject my emotion into it through composition and processing.  Graphic Design allows me a different type of creativity by giving me a blank slate to start with and design from what a client needs and bring my style to it.  I’ve always loved Interior Design and love decorating my home.  It allows yet another way of creativity when I’m stagnant in the others I enjoy.

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I LOVE WHat i do.

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Photographer / 1996-2016

As a fresh High School Graduate I started my photography career the summer of 1996 with photographing High School Seniors and my first Wedding.  I have photographed hundreds of Family’s, Children, Engagements, Weddings, Commercial Projects, Products, along with Landscapes, Still Life, and Fine Art over the years.

Digital Manipulation Tech / 2001-2016

While working at the lab I had the opportunity to be the Digital Technician and learn how to work with images within the computer.  I did a lot of image restoration and retouching work.  This was a great precursor to then moving into Digital Photography and I have used and grown that knowledge to this day.

Lab Technician / 1999-2003

After getting married and moving to Colorado, I took a job at a local photography lab.  It was all film photography and I loved processing film and making prints for our customer’s, most of which were local professional photographer’s.  I started as a Printmaker, then the Black & White Darkroom and Copywork Tech, and then moving to the Digital Technician.  I learned so much at that lab and loved every new job they offered me!

Virtual Assistant / 2016

Recently I have started working as a Virtual Assistant.  What I have learned over all these years of working with digital media, social media, and online has given me a lot of knowledge that I can help others with.  I’m enjoying this new way to serve others.