A look behind the scenes of a before and after senior session image edit with photographer Brenda Landrum of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Behind the Scenes: Before & After

Thought it would be fun to share a before and after today of an image from Abbey’s senior session!  I like seeing what photographers do behind the scenes so thought maybe some of you might be interested in seeing an image as it comes out of my camera beside the final image I share online and with my client.

The image above was taken on a Canon 5D Mark III with the 50mm 1.4 lens.  The camera settings were;  ISO 640, 1/250th sec at f5.0.  This image was backlit by the sun which naturally causes some low contrast and the hazy effect.  When I started to work on the image in Lightroom CC the first thing I do is add my secret sauce which is a preset set to my personal preference when editing images.  I’m sorry friends, it’s my secret sauce so I just can’t share the recipe.  You understand, right?!  Then I started adding contrast to take away the haziness and make it really pop.  From there it’s simply adjusting color, brightness, clarity, saturation, and a tiny bit of sharpness and it’s done!

I do not believe in over processing images and I also do not believe in showing clients images straight out of the camera.  Clients should only view a fully finished image that has been carefully edited by a knowledgable photographer.  Camera’s these days are pretty awesome but the digital files still need work and a client should never be burdened with that task.

Hope you liked this behind the scenes!  If you want to see more and maybe even more elaborate information please let me know!!