Goodbye June Instagram feed of Portrait and Fine Art Photographer Brenda Landrum of Fort Collins Colorado.

Goodbye June

I’m really sad that June is already over.  That means we are just that much closer to the dreaded S word … school.  Nnooooooo!!!!!!  I’m really going to try to slow July down.  How?  I’m not sure but if I can fill our days with more fun then work & take time to be more present that should help I think.  It’s funny how every single month I talk about slowing time down but it never happens.  When my daughter was younger it seems like summers were slow, carefree, and lasted.  Now they speed by so quickly I crave more time.

June was good though!  My Instagram feed is filled with images that feel like summer with fun summer sessions, flowers, summer food, and reminders to slow down.  It’s always fun to go back and see what the month looked like through images.

Here’s hoping July will be slow and carefree!