Simple iPhone Photography Tricks by photographer Brenda Landrum.

iPhone Photography Tips

A couple of weeks ago my daughter was in her school’s musical and I was a volunteer which meant I got to watch all three performances, once from the second row and twice from the back.  While being a spectator I noticed that most people taking photos with their iPhone’s did not know how to control the iPhone camera to get the best photo in a difficult lighting situation.  As I was giving tips to others I thought that maybe I would share some tips here on my blog for those who may not know about these little tricks to control your the iPhone camera.


How to set the focus area on an iPhone

The iPhone doesn’t always know where you are wanting the focus to be so it’s important to know how to tell it what to focus on.  The iPhone actually makes this very easy to do with just one touch on the screen.  Simply touch what you want to make sure is in focus and a yellow box shows up on the screen.  Done!  Now it will focus in this area for the next photo you take.  But remember, after you take that photo it will reset but there is another trick to tell it to continue focusing there below.

Exposure Control

How to set exposure control on the iPhone

The iPhone doesn’t always do a great job at setting exposure, especially in situations like the musical where you have a bright stage and the rest of the room is very dark.  Setting exposure is as easy as setting the focus area.  They actually work together.  After you touch the area on the screen for focus and the yellow box appears, you will see a little sun next to the box with a vertical line.  Now to set your exposure simply slide your finger up or down to adjust the exposure.  This one trick alone will really help with your iPhone photography!  Compare the image above with the focus image, see how much brighter it is?  Now remember, this also will reset after you take the first photo but we can deal with that with the next trick.

Focus and Exposure Lock

How to set Exposure and Focus Lock on the iPhone

Ok now let’s tell the iPhone camera to lock the focus and the exposure so that you can take more then one photo of the same scene without it resetting.  This time instead of just tapping where you want it to focus, tap and hold a few seconds until you see AE/AF LOCK in a yellow box at the top of the screen.  Next set your exposure by sliding your finger up or down.  Now when you take the photo the focus and exposure will continue so you can take more then one photo.  This works great if your subject is not moving and the lighting does not change.  To get out of the AE/AF LOCK, simply tap another spot on the screen.

Burst Mode

How to use Burst Mode on the iPhone

Burst mode is awesome for photographing anything moving!  To activate burst mode just hold your finger on the shutter button instead of just tapping it once.  When you hold your finger on it it will start taking photos one right after the other.  It will show you a small number count of how many you have taken (see the red circle above).  When you are done you can go into your Photo app, find the set of images and tap Select to look through all of your images.  Delete the one’s you don’t want and keep the one’s you do!

These tricks will also work when you are taking video.  Play around with it to learn how to use it and then you will be ready for your next image or video!  I hope these little tips help!!