Huge cottonwood tree with a colorful sunset behind photographed in a Nebraska pasture by Landscape Photographer Brenda Landrum of Northern Colorado.

Goals for 2017 … First Three Months

Good Morning!

So it’s already April and there is only 6 weeks left of school and then Summer is going to be here!  I feel like we are moving at the speed of a freight train right now getting ready for our daughter’s Musical next week.  Next week is going to be crazy indeed.  Anyway, I woke up today thinking about my goals and that it was time for a blog update.  It’s been 3 full months of tracking goals and it’s time to look back and see how things are going, where I need to focus more, and make any adjustments.

Life has been in a new season.  We are settling into a new routine, my husband’s new job, and I have new projects that I’m working on.  Not to mention all the end of the school year things that my daughter has going on.  At the beginning of the year I asked God for a clean slate and as I sit here today and think over the last 3 months it’s amazing to me how much He provided that.  This new season is all about NEW and even though overwhelming at times it’s exciting, too!

Little by little, make what matters happen. Begin anywhere, but just be sure to begin. -Lara Casey

MY WORD for 2017 –  CONTENT … I simply want to be content with what we have and where God has us, even when we are in difficult situations and with less.  I have felt more content lately, especially in January and February.  I think the lack of funds was really good practice in being content with what we have and the situation made us more content with where God has us.  There’s a lot of work on this to be done but it is nice to know that I can be content.  

GOAL #1  IN GODS WORD … This has become a must in my life and I am forever grateful for the passion inside of me to keep it a priority.  My goal still remains to be in the bible every weekday but recently it’s been a Wednesday thing.  You know what?  That’s ok!  I am part of a wonderful bible study that meets on Thursday mornings and doing the study on Wednesday actually is really nice.  It’s all fresh in my mind come Thursday.  I have learned SO much during this bible study and I’m already really excited for the next year’s study of Matthew.  This goal is more then just about religion, rituals or rules, it is about seeking a true relationship with God, with Jesus, and better understanding what He intends for us.  It’s about letting God open my eyes to all His goodness and realizing how the world continues to try to replace Him.  I do not want to be mislead and pulled away from God so I will pursue His truth in His word.  

GOAL #2  PRAYER … I was just looking back over the last three months of what I tracked.  I didn’t track everything of course but I did track the times prayer was very intentional.  That was my goal to have intentional prayer.  I did really good when I needed God desperately to calm my fears in the uncertainty.  Then life started to resemble something more normal again, the fears aren’t as strong and intentional prayer has become less and less.  I’ve noticed this pattern with me.  When life is in chaos and the fears are taking over I’m praying hard for God’s help.  When life is calmer and I’m more comfortable I’m not praying.  I don’t like this.  I shouldn’t only pray when I’m in need and begging God to help me.  I should also pray in good times with thankfulness and with prayers for others.  Goodness this is why I like doing this blog update because it helps me see where I’m at and what I need to do.  This one needs more focus!

GOAL #3  CULTIVATE A PEACEFUL HOME … this goal came directly from the chaos our family was experiencing in 2016 and us needing a refuge instead of another stressor.  I’m happy to say that my husband and I have been making some headway on this.  We got rid of the things that reminded us of the past (hello clean slate!) and have been going through areas that had been neglected because of pure lack of energy.  Things are feeling so much better around here!  For us a peaceful home is a home that isn’t full of stuff everywhere and reminders of things that caused us pain.  Things were piling up on us and then that became overwhelming and then all we want to do is escape our home instead of relax in our home.  I’ve been going through room by room getting rid of things and cleaning.  Spring Cleaning not just on a physical level but an emotional one as well! 

GOAL #4  BUILD A COMMUNICATION FOUNDATION FOR CLIENTS … now for the business goals.  My goal at the beginning of the year was to revamp my communication with clients and I had decided to take it back to email.  That is just what I did!  The emails are done and the product menu is ready!  Now when I need to email information it’s all ready to go and it’s easy for my clients to receive and read.  

GOAL #5  KEEP PURSUING FINE ART … this goal has slowed down a bit recently due to being focused on new opportunities but I’m still wanting to pursue this.  I would love to see landscapes and still life images being displayed in customer’s homes.  Even being purchased by Interior Designers for their clients homes.  I also would love to see images being used from stock agencies.  This goal is a slow moving one and I’m trying to be patient with that.  Little by little is what I keep reminding myself. 

GOAL #6  PHOTOGRAPHY … back in January I wrote, “I love photography and I think I have been on a journey getting back to letting photography be photography.  There was a time when I was letting way to many outside influences derail me from what I truly believed and loved about this business.  I got lost in all of their ways.  So no more listening to others and get back to the way I want this business to be.”  I have stopped stalking other photographer’s and their procedures.  I hardly look at other photographer’s work right now and that’s been a blessing.  When I was inundating myself with outside influence I was loosing my creativity and purpose.  Instead of being ME I was letting other’s adjust ME.  I hope that makes sense.  The photography industry is dripping with talent and each talent has a way of doing things.  They also want to be successful not just with their clients but also with photographer’s so there is a lot of you should do it this way, buy what I’m selling, and be just like me out there.  Photographer’s be careful with what you absorb.  Don’t let other’s form your art and business.  

Every time I do an update I get fired up about getting refocused and tackling my goals!  It’s like a see more clearly after sitting down and doing some evaluating.  When it’s just day to day I can become lost in my goals as I have in April.  But today I now can see where I need to focus and I’m revamping my tending list for the month.  Hope this inspires you to go over your goals, refocus and start again!!

Go after your goals!