Recap of March 2017 by Front Range Lifestyle and Still Life Photographer Brenda Landrum.

Goodbye March

Another month is done.

Why do they seem to be going by so quickly?  After Christmas I thought, oh good January will slow down.  Then I thought well maybe February will slow down?  Yes, it’s March and we can slow down!  Nope.  It’s just go go go every single day, week, and month.  I talk about months going by quickly … every month … but it is the honest truth in feeling like our days are slipping through our fingers.

How can we slow it down?

March was a good month.  Our family had a new beginning, new creative projects, daughter’s birthday, spring break, and found some peace.  All this new and exciting stuff has probably helped in the month flying by as well.  I guess that’s not so bad.  A lot has changed over this month with a lot of healing taking place as well and that is good.  I’m looking forward to April with more rain then snow (hopefully) and the season’s changing.  Spring always feels like a fresh start as we shake off winter.

See ya later March!