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Paper Christmas Trees

Are not these little paper trees the cutest?!  My daughter has been making them!  She came across a diy to make these cute little trees out of construction paper and she’s made around 8 of the

Little Red Christmas Truck

These little Christmas trucks are everywhere!  I fell in love with them last Christmas and I guess many companies did, too.  I found this cute little truck at Target a week ago and he most certainly

Where Have I Been?

I have been neglecting the blog. Way back on November 8th I made a post on Facebook about how my brain was going 1000 mph and just could not organize my thoughts to blog. I have been working really h

The Miller Family

This family is so much fun to photograph! The outfits are always amazing, they come with cheerful attitudes and they let me be creative. It's always great to catch up with them with where they are a

The Capes Family

I adore seeing the Capes Family every year for their family session. Sometimes it's the 4 of them and other times extended family joins them. It's such a joy to see their beautiful girls grow up and